Friday, June 09, 2006

What is it with insurance companies now days?They charge the most ridiculous prices and still carry on like they doing you a favour.Bought a new car today and hence the need to establishment bash.Between insurance and their add ons you land up paying half of you installment into a black hole with no return.If only there was a cheaper way you would be able to pay off car soon and not be working for the bank or as some say The Man for so long.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why do we put ourselves in situations where we get hurt time and time again?
Is the human psyche so weak that it only feels complete when we being treated like doormat?
Ask any guy/girl which partner had the most effect on them and most of the time they will remember someone who used em like a door mat and not the one who waited hand and foot on them.Anyone got any clues on this?????
Been thinking bout starting one of these for last year but just could not get going.Last night while sitting on the loo (Throne of Thoughts) decided that enough was enough.So here goes.Going to start small and constantly try to improve.Any comments and suggestions will be read but not always followed.