Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Daks Evolution

This is where we stand at the moment.Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated......

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Holiday

Watched this over the weekend.It was the first movie I watched with my wife(still getting used to saying that) and have to say it was a great choice.Funny, sexy and warm.Just the type of movie that you want to watch with the someone special in your life.

As per the formula not all of the movie is plausible but still makes for a great show.Have to admit that after seeing the two home's available for house-swap I dwelled on the idea.But doubt that would ever be the case in reality.

Have to admit that the two lil girls in the movie are most definitely the cutest most adorable kids I have seen on celluloid in ages.Makes you want your own like crazy till you get brought down to reality by some pellet gun toting brat.

Both the female and male leads are refreshing and a pleasure to watch.Enjoyed Jack Black's performance off the caring good guy with bad women luck.

So if you stuck for a movie to take the wife to or trying to score some points with a new date this a sure bet.

A few memorable quotes as per the norm:

Arthur Abbott: I like this Hugo Boss, he cuts a nice suit!

Iris: I understand feeling as small and as insignificant as humanly possible. And how it can actually ache in places you didn't know you had inside you. And it doesn't matter how many new haircuts you get, or gyms you join, or how many glasses of Chardonnay you drink with your girlfriends... you still go to bed every night going over every detail and wonder what you did wrong or how you could have misunderstood. and how in the hell for that brief moment you could think that you were that happy. And sometimes you can even convince yourself that he'll see the light and show up at your door. And after all that, however long all that may be, you'll go somewhere new. And you'll meet people who make you feel worthwhile again. And little pieces of your soul will finally come back. And all that fuzzy stuff, those years of your life that you wasted, that will eventually begin to fade.
Miles: Well f**k, you need this more then I do.

Iris: Because you're hoping you're wrong. And every time she does something that tells you she's no good, you ignore it. And every time she comes through and surprises you, she wins you over, and you lose that argument with yourself, that she's not for you.
Miles: Exactly, and on top of that there's the old standby, I can't believe a girl like that would actually be with a guy like me.

Graham: Long distance relationships can work, you know.
Amanda: Really? I can't make one work when I live in the same house with someone.

Going to call it quits for now.Hope to be back in blog land soon.

Friday, January 12, 2007


On the topic of my wedding, please note, pictures will follow soon.


East London has been terribly hot these last few days much like the rest of the country.Starting to think that those global warming stories have some real merit.But will leave that for another time.

So here I am sitting at my desk slogging away like a good minion.Figure I would get something to help me cool off.Schweppes Dry Lemon comes to mind so I dispatch one of my minions to grab a cold can.Eventually it pitches up.So here I am sitting drinking my Dry Lemon and as per habit I start reading the can.Contains quinine 30mg/l catches my eye.So I Google quinine thinking lets see what this good for.Boy was I shocked.

Every referance to quinine is attached to the words "can cause a rare but severe form of an unpredictable and potentially fatal condition known as thrombocytopenia."

Turns out that quinine has been banned by the FDA and a host of other bodies.Apparently it can cause havoc with one's body.

By the way thrombocytopenia is as scary as it sounds.Thrombocytopenia is any disorder in which there are not enough platelets. For those of you that don't know platelets are cells in the blood that help blood to clot. So any one with pressure or heart problems is putting themselves at great risk drinking this stuff.

Fair enough the quantity may not be potent enough but I think that at the least the can should carry a warning or something.

Any thoughts or opinions most welcomed...........................

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Marriage is a bed of rose's,marriage is heaven on earth,marriage is bliss,marriage is heaven on earth...........that's what they all said.Well now that I am married, I know that they have all been lying.

It's all that and a whole lot more.It is beyond words.They sold it short.My advice would be till you taste the fruits of marriage you will never understand it or appreciate it.

Here's to a long and happy marriage.Life now has meaning and direction.