Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bubbling Over........

Of late been carrying a real ball of anger round with me.It's there for a number of reasons.

- betrayal by compatriot
- a bitter pill to swallow
- a fruit fly with MPD(multiple personality disorder) not forgetting they have a two second attention span.

Strange thing though is that this anger is actually becoming physical in it's effect on me.Never been one to let my temper or anger boil over but lately can actually feel it in me looking to get out.Hate that feeling.Cant help but wonder why after all these years of being a pacifist I am now morphing into Hell Boy.

One possible reason is that the causes may be the reason for the anger being this vulgar and ugly.

But then again is it fair to blame my shortcoming on other's actions.

Seems childish and irresponsible.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

try letting it out, talk about it.......it just makes things worse when you bottle it all up till you explode!!