Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Thoughts No.1

Been up from round about 3 this morning.Have a stomach issue.Driving me insane and pretty sore.Well came into work in a foul mood.Sore and crabby not a good way to try and start the day.And then got a few mails in my inbox from someone I hold very dear.

This added some color to my day but highlight was being able to spend hour or so chatting to same person.Like to call em my "happy pill".As a manic depressive having something none chemical or destructive that can take you out of the "valley of darkness" is indeed a great thing.

So thank you "happy pill" you made my day sooooo much better and I dedicate this happy blog to you.

1 comment:

happy pill said...

wow, im honoured! glad to know i have such a good effect on you!! its always a pleasure chatting to you! thanks for the dedication.....the happy pill!!